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In addition to acupuncture needles, we use heat in specific areas, pressure in specific areas, and/or the use of laser therapy.


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Our acupuncture can help you improve health for your entire body. We can help you feel and look your best.


Ask us about our acupuncture services. We can set up a consultation so you can learn more, see how it feels and hear about how we can help your specific ailments.

Acupuncture procedures for your overall health

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We can help you find relief with various health issues

 •  Sinus problems

 •  Digestive disorders

 •  Infertility problems

 •  Respiratory disorders

 •  Nausea due to pregnancy

 •  Neurological disorders

 •  Muscular disorders

 •  And more

How can our acupuncture services help you?

During our acupuncture services we stimulate various acupoints along the skin of the body using techniques like application of heat, pressure, laser and penetration of skin. These points on the body are all connected, helping you deal with pain in various points all over the body.

What is acupuncture?